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Almond interiors are excels in providing all kind of
MEP solutions, which are provided by provided by
top- notch engineers who are expert in this field.
MEP consists of installing air conditioning systems,
water supply & drainage systems, fire fighting
systems, electrical power and lighting systems
including transformer substations and emergency
power generators, fire protection and alarm systems,
voice & data systems, security access and
surveillance systems, UPS, public address systems,
Mast antenna TV system, and building management
systems. Our architectural and Civil construction
give shape, structure and aesthetics to a building
but MEP or Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
bring facilities for life providing services. We cover

mechanical and electrical services for a number of
facilities ranging from residential to commercial
buildings, namely processing industries, shopping
malls, and housing compounds, including towers.
These engineering solutions consist of installing air-
condition systems, setting up power and lighting
systems, water supply and drainage, fire- fighting
systems, Building Management Systems, telephone
and data systems. Whilst we work closely to client
needs and requirements we do possess a team with
competent design expertise. When designing MEP
services we approach all projects with full
commitment, taking into account other factors such
as sustainability needs, architectural design and
structural factors as well taking into account broader
commercial elements. We also focus on delivering
designs in BIM format, these are spatially
coordinated models that can be installed and
accessed by contracting and installation teams.

Our MEP Design Service includes the following
A) Mechanical Design:
 Heating, ventilation and air conditioning design
(HVAC) for environmental control
 Water supply/ return distribution design
 Energy related design – including gas, oil,
renewable and solar design and systems
 Air conditioning load analysis

B) Electrical Design:
 High voltage & low voltage electrical power
distribution system including design of
essential/emergency power (generator & UPS)
 Lighting (including artificial and emergency
lighting) and lighting controls design
 IT, telecoms, security and lightning protection

 Fire detection and activation alarm system
 Riser and panel schedule design
 Lux level calculation and lighting design

C) Public Health Design:
 Domestic water supply design (both normal and
hot water systems)
 Sanitation and waste water design
 Storm water drainage and rainwater harvesting

D) Fire Protection Design:
 Sprinkler protection design
 Water and mist system design
 Dry riser and wet riser design